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About Us


Textile creation is a very old craft. Over time, clothing has become more artful, embracing color and cut, attitude and embellishment. In the era of the internet, mass-production waned, mass-customization thrived, craftsmanship was rediscovered, and we found that our options for self-expression exploded into a million choices, encompassing all facets of cultural life. In this spirit, we bring you the collection of Cooper Jones Supply.

Weaving, knitting and dyeing techniques that infuse new life into classic apparel styles have long fascinated us. We scour the world for remarkable textiles, combing through antique libraries and engaging modern producers. Talented weavers and knitters develop extraordinary cloth for us. We seek out skilled technicians with unique equipment, some of it quite old. We employ various dyeing methods as well as techniques that soften and distress garments to create a comfortable, slightly worn appearance. Handwork is involved in many processes—they simply cannot be done by machine. Nearly all outerwear pieces use coatings or fiber technology that enhance weatherproofing. Stretch yarns are added to all the pants for comfort and recovery. Relentless fabric innovation addresses our desire for choices that are lighter, softer, warmer/cooler and more intriguing.

Not all the garments in our collection bear our brand. The world of apparel is too big and complex to allow us to be outstanding in every discipline. We search out the best of class in every item. As such, we offer you a curated selection from talented, experienced designers on the forefront of menswear in keeping with our vision.

In the end, we want to surprise and inspire ourselves, since only then can we please you.